A brand new website vs. a landing page. Which is better for you and your business?

Have you ever asked yourself:


  • Why are my ads not bringing me sales?
  • Why aren’t people coming to my website?
  • Why aren’t people staying on my website?


Today, simply having a website isn’t enough anymore. And if you don’t even have one for your business, get one immediately. Customers are savvier than ever and they’ve been tricked by clever marketers time and time again, so it’s important to have a website or landing page that tells your ideal customer exactly what you want them to know, in the easiest way possible.


But should you work to re-do the entire site, or just create a landing page instead for your potential customers to visit?


Below are some pros and cons of both options. We help layout which one would be best for your and your business.


Re-doing Your Website


Your website is where you express yourself and your business online to anyone who’s interested in knowing what you have to offer them. Every business needs one.


However it’s likely you aren’t an expert in website design, maybe hired an overprice website design company, or ended up with a subpar website that isn’t bad, but also isn’t great.


A new website can cost thousands of dollars, let alone an additional cost for a conversion rate optimization expert to make sure your site makes a conversion as easy as possible, and an SEO expert to make sure your site is seen over the competition.


While it can be costly to re-do an entire website, the benefits can be great and ensure a successful long-term return-on-investment (ROI) in the future where your website (your online identity) could become a household name. Your investment in future SEO and ads to your new website will then mean that visitors to your entire site will be authentic and the ones you want to have, which won’t simply turn into a customer, but a lifelong one.


Getting a Landing Page


An easier, faster, and less expensive option is simply building landing pages for potential customers to land on (get it.. landing pages). Landing pages are built specifically with conversion rate optimizations (CRO) in mind and have one goal: to convert a prospect to a lead or sale.


Landing pages can be made through various platforms (I will always recommend unbounce as a great option). These platforms have templates ready to use and have proven to be effective time and time again. You can make them completely branded to you and your business, so no one would be able to tell it’s not your website.


Landing pages are also a great way to increase your conversion rates from ads, especially if you’re looking for leads. Paying for ads to get sent to a mediocre website, without actually helping the potential customer make the desired action you want them to, is simply going to waste your money.


Sending ads to conversion-optimized and branded landing pages can help ensure a healthy conversion rate and ROI on your ads, but your SEO efforts will be limited, as landing pages are usually meant for one goal at a time, and not a lifelong solution.


Lastly, landing pages can easily integrate with systems like Salesforce, to ensure a smooth sales process and a better understanding of which keyword actually brought in each sale. Tracking every click will lead to a successful online strategy for any business.


So, which is better: A new website or landing pages?


The answer is: It all depends on your business and your goals.


While landing pages are more affordable and easier than an entirely new website, it can become more costly in the long run by paying for a platform and paying someone to constantly build them for you, instead of just investing in a new site from the beginning.


If you aren’t entirely sure what will work to get visitors to become leads or customers, or who your ideal customer even is, landing pages could be a great way to get customers faster and test different options like images, texts, and colors that have been proven to help convert.


If you have a good idea what your ideal customer is, you have a platform you use (like WordPress) that can work with sales systems, and you’re comfortable investing in what you know your customer wants to see online, put your money and energy into a new site.


Have some more questions about this, or want some help in figuring out what’s best for your business? Get in touch below!

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