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Who is  Valoom Media?

Valoom began a few years ago as a consulting agency for many marketing agencies throughout the US, Canada, UK, and Germany.

We were able to work with multiple lead generation and e-commerce companies to improve ROI by at least 100% and have retained happy clients for years.

We work with various clients in different industries, but our core passion is to work with the senior care industry.

We’ve built a wonderful team of experienced marketers who are passionate about clients and care for your business and goals.

Combining proven processes with a fantastic team is how Valoom Media is successful today.

What We Do Best

Studying Your Ideal Customer or Client

Do you really know who your ideal senior care customer is, or what they really need? You may think you do, but sometimes it's not as simple as we think. Now, more than ever, we need to know our customers and the buyer journey they're on, inside and out!

Our mission is to learn everything there is to possibly know about your business, and then learn every single thing about your ideal customer, to give you an optimal ROI for your business.

About Our Founder

Digital marketing consultant turned freelancer turned Toronto based agency owner, Chelsey realized she treated her client’s business like they were her own. Working with multiple agencies throughout Europe and North America for the past 8 years, she gained a vast amount of experience not only in the online advertising world but also with each and every client’s needs. 

She’s now built a wonderful team of smart and talented people who are passionate about clients and care for seniors. Combining proven processes with a fantastic team is how Valoom Media is successful today.

“You’re only as great as the people you choose to have around you!”

Chelsey Labusch


Meet Our Amazing Team


Winnie V

Lead Media Buyer

Winnie is a Digital Specialist based out of Winnipeg, Canada. For the past 10 years, she has specialized in PPC campaign management for multiple agencies and companies, the most recent one was American Express which had a branch office in Singapore where she previously resided. The teams that Winnie has worked with valued her dedication, wisdom and empathy — traits that the younger staff members love so much about. Outside of work, she’s also passionate about travelling, food, family time, and Korean dramas.


Ashley R

Digital Marketing Executive

Ashley is a digital marketer based in Florida. She specializes in online marketing campaigns, research & strategy. Her strategies have been featured online to showcase her expertise. With knowledge in Google and Facebook Ads, she can create high-converting campaigns using both these dynamic duos.


Katherine G

Junior Media Buyer

Katherine is a digital marketing specialist committed to helping people connect with brands that genuinely improve their lives. After completing an Honours Bachelors of Commerce program, studying Marketing Management in 2019, she returned to school to complete a post-graduate program in Digital Media Marketing to learn how to translate her passion for customer service into an increasingly digital world. When she’s not working you can find her trying new recipes or restaurants, spending time with family, or learning something new! 



Director Of Barketing

When I’m not busy tracking KPIs and ROIs, I can be found running around chasing squirrels & rabbits and playing with sticks and rocks. 

What I know for sure is that I see these humans working like crazy to make Valoom Media better and better every single day. They are so grateful for their clients and are constantly working to make them (and their revenue’s) happy!

We do a lot!

Website Health Checks

Is your website or landing page converting customers or simply turning them away?

Tag Management

Making sure your website includes as many pixels and tags it need to track your customers every move


Our team of website and ad designers will provide you with a creative we're sure you and your customers will love

Out-of-this-world Ad Copy

Copy is the beginning of each buyer journey and conversion process

Digital Marketing

We've worked with Google, Display, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and much more!

Reporting & Testing

Reports that provide transparency and actionable opportunities for more testing (our favourite!)


Just a better media agency.

Valoom Media All rights reserved 2019