Senior Care Lead Generation Revenue Calculator

See how much you need to invest in order to reach your goals online!

Tips on how to best use this calculator:

  • 1. “Your Goals” section: be specific, realistic and measurable
  • 2. “Your Clients” section: We typically prefer to use this calculator with 90 day values. For example, what is your “average client sale value” if they stay on at least 90 days?
  • 3. “Your Sales Calls” section: What is important to note are the leads that need to come in, if you have a team that can handle more leads, and how effective they are in closing those leads!
  • 5. “Your Funnel” and “Your Ads” sections: that’s up to us!
  • 4. “Your Results” section: Look less on the ROAS and ROI numbers, as clients can sometimes stay on for years. This should always be the goal to get the most out of your marketing investments.

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